Heritage Management for Families

Commemorate the lives of the incredible people in your family, reconnect to your rich legacy, and give your future generations an unshakeable bedrock of pride, heritage, and shared values.

What is Family
Heritage Management?

Every family is steeped in memories of triumph and loss, sacrifice and love. But rarely are these stories woven together in a way that captivates this generation and inspires the next.

Family heritage management is the practice of discovering, archiving, and transforming your family's history into an asset that provides continuous value and inspiration for your family and its future generations.

How is a family strengthened by being connected to its heritage?

Your family's legacy is what makes your name uniquely strong and marks your family's continuing impact. It transcends time, linking the past and future generations together in a bond of love and unwavering principles.

Family heritage unifies.

  • Family members connect intergenerationally.

  • Families are unified in their values and principles.

Family heritage inspires belonging.

  • Shared heritage helps family members feel deeply connected.

  • Shared heritage reveals your family's role in the community.

Family heritage gives purpose.

  • Future generations draw inspiration from elders.

  • Shared values inspire a shared purpose.

Family heritage imbues strength and inspiration.

  • Family members are able to recognize how others in their family have overcome hardship.

  • Your family is reminded of its strength that is drawn from one another.

Sadly, the legacies of our family members are too often lost and forgotten.

With medals forgotten in attics, pictures destroyed by fire or rot, and with rich life experiences lost to failing memories and illness, many families are never able to fully know their heritage or the legacy of a loved one.

These often-lost heirlooms, keepsakes, and memories are known as as "unmanaged heritage," and they are uniquely vulnerable to loss, as they are largely intangible and unsustainable.

What threatens your family's unmanaged heritage?

  • Fire, flood, and rot

  • Failing memories and declining health

  • The death of family and friends

  • Relocation to other states or new residences

Where is your family's unmanaged heritage currently?

  • Dusty attics and sheds

  • Forgotten photo albums

  • In the minds of loved ones and friends

  • Newspaper clippings and official records

  • Old computers and hard drives

Let's work together to reclaim your unmanaged heritage.

Let's Work Together

Our Process & Family Services

Whether working behind the scenes on your behalf or shoulder-to-shoulder with every member of your family, you can trust our outstanding level of service and our unique set of scholarly, management, and creative skills to get the story right.

Research, Interviews, and Storytelling

From simple one-on-one recollections to collecting the stories of entire families, businesses, or organizations, we build ideal purpose-driven teams of researchers, interviewers, and creative technicians to aid you in exploring and sharing your past.

  • Interviews & Research by Published Historians

  • Oral History Projects & Video Production Services

  • Written Histories & Complete Book Manuscripts

  • Genealogy Research

Professionally Guided Archiving

Whether your collection of photos, documents, or antiques requires a box or a box truck, we can catalogue and preserve your originals to museum standards while creating superior quality digital copies to share with family and community.

  • Photo & Document Preservation & Restoration

  • Assisted Sorting, Management & Cataloging

  • Scanning & Digitization with Cloud-Based Storage

  • Duplication & Sharing Solutions

Creative Services

Once your history is collected, we can help you share your stories through fantastic creations like award-winning history books, photo albums, framed artwork, professional photography, and museum-quality exhibits for home or office.

  • Photo Restorat

  • Custom Photo Albums

  • Custom History Books

  • Family Trees

  • Maps & Charts

  • Heritage Gifts

  • Anniversary Events

How Your Reclaimed Heritage Impacts Your Family

Connecting with your family's legacy and sharing it with others has a powerful impact throughout your family.

You Create a Stronger Family Bond

We've seen the heritage management process draw families closer together as they peel through the layers of family history, revealing not only a rich legacy, but a strong mutual respect for one another.

Drawing from a renewed pride in their family legacy, your loved ones:

  • Build a stronger family support system.

  • Quell old grievances in favor of mutual respect and love.

  • Realize the value of being a part of one another's lives.

You Inspire Future Generations

Your heritage project doesn't only enrich your immediate family and the one whom you may be honoring with it. This also inspires your family's future generations through a bond of shared values.

By drawing upon the lessons learned from their family legacy, future generations:

  • Feel a stronger connection to their family and lineage.

  • Recongize the value of the life lessons and wisdom from their elders.

  • Draw strength and inspiration from their lineage in hard times.

You Preserve Foundational Values

By rediscovering your family's heritage, the values and principles that imbued your loved ones with strength and guided them through life are passed down and become generational bedrock of invaluable principles.

By preserving your family's foundational values, you provide your family with:

  • A shared source of strength and emotional renewal.

  • A value system that enriches their family bond with one another.

  • A strong code of moral ethics that will guide them throughout life.

What our Clients Say

What the Müllerhaus Legacy team delivered was beyond anything I imagined. Their personal concern for the project, professionalism, and service exceeded my highest expectations. The courtesy and care they gave my grandmother made the processes enjoyable for all.

— Jeffrey McDougall,
Grandson of Rose Mary Deegan

Let's tell your family's story together.

Whether you're honoring the legacy of a family member, or you're diving deep
into the history of your entire lineage, we can't wait to tell your family's story.

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