What is Heritage Management?

Within the heritage story of your institution exists the evidence of growth and discovery that proves the value of your brand.

It holds the keys of wisdom and guidance that current and future leadership needs to avoid repeating mistakes, while building on past successes.

Organizational Heritage Management provides the fact-based tools needed to make strategic use of these truths.

heritage management for businesses

Organizations must communicate authentically to overcome the consumer trust gap in our age of cynicism.

Authentic, heritage-based storytelling helps audiences understand your brand in human terms by engaging four powerful consumer values: Authenticity, purpose, identity, and community.


"Can I trust you?"

"How do I know you're the real deal?"


"Should I trust you?"

"Will you do the right thing?"


"Are you trustworthy?"

"Are you who you say you are?"


"Do we share values?"

"How will trusting you shape what others think of me?"

Though immensely valuable, few organizations use the power of their heritage.

Most brands are unable to access and employ their rich heritage. This is because unmanaged history is vulnerable, intangible, and unsustainable.

unmaged corporate history leads to loss of business value

How is your legacy defined without heritage management?

  • Unfavorable online reviews

  • Disgruntled employees

  • Scathing social media commentary

  • Published lawsuits

  • Myth and urban legend

Where is your unmanaged history currently?

  • Aging memories

  • Vendor storage

  • Decommissioned hard drives

  • Retirees' homes

  • In-house storage

The heritage of your business has never represented a greater opportunity.

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Our Process

From beginning to end, we treat your heritage management project with the utmost care, working alongside you and keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

Needs & Goals Assessment

Each organization has different needs and goals. Starting with an examination of your unmanaged history, our initial scope analysis identifies specific objectives and available opportunities.

Systematic Preservation

We filter an organization's unmanaged history through our six disciples of Heritage Management to build a custom three-part "Heritage Product" consisting of a living archive, an institutional history, and an implementation plan.

Strategic Utilization

Based on the organization's goals for the project and its communication resources, we can either provide creative services and strategic planning or our work can empower your existing resources.

Management & Partnership

As your heritage management program continues to grow into the future, we will be available to support you with creative & strategic services as well as librarian, curation, and storage solutions.

The Heritage Product: A Living, Actionable History

Your Heritage Management program is based around three powerful tools that transform your history into a strategic asset that connects you to your customers and communities.

the living archive product is a custom digital and physical archive for the historical assets of a business's history

Living Archive

Museum-quality custom digital & physical archive solution that is professionally curated, cataloged, and searchable. Designed to accommodate legacy, current, and future materials. Options for on- or off-site storage and management.

published history of a company

Institutional History

Our published historians and researchers create an official "authorized" history in the form of an analytical research dossier derived from internal records, oral histories, and outside sources.

using your business's history in your marketing, communications, culture, and leadership

Implementation Plan

We equip you with a step-by-step plan for putting your newly-rediscovered legacy to work. From social media posts to blog articles and everything in between, we show you how to get the maximum engagement from your heritage.

How Your Heritage Can Further Your Organization

A rich, actionable heritage can be applied in numerous ways to strengthen your community standing, customer relationships, marketing engagement, and internal culture.

company history enriches your brand's messaging

Brand Value & Messaging

Backed by a rich legacy, your heritage empowers you to communicate with your customer base authentically, bridging the trust gap through all of your communication platforms.

Your heritage strengthens your brand value and creates a wellspring of content and authentic communication to draw from when creating:

  • Social media posts

  • Public relations outreach

  • Advertising campaigns

company leadership benefitting from the use of guiding legacy and founding virtues passed down through the company's history

Governance & Culture

Rediscovering your heritage reminds everyone of its founding vision and purpose and why it's had the strength to persevere despite the setbacks and tribulations that befall all organizations.

By reconnecting to the foundational values and traditions that originally guided your organization, you're equipped with an incredible new tool set to employ when:

  • Hiring and onboarding new employees

  • Developing internal communications

  • Defining your organization's culture

knowing your company's history allows your business to be more connected with the communities you serve

Stewardship & Citizenship

No organization stands the test of time without being a good steward of the communities that it serves and without giving back to the people who help make it strong.

Through your renewed understanding of your company's rich legacy, you're able to:

  • Better serve the communities that you're a part of

  • Enrich local initiatives that are in alignment with your founding mission and vision

  • Engage more authentically with your local area customers

Unlock your organization's heritage.

Let's work together to bring your unmanaged heritage under control and communicate authenticity and leadership to your customers and employees.

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