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Corporate Oral Histories

Build a trove of foundational wisdom that future generations can leverage by capturing the wisdom of your company’s past and present leaders.

Don’t lose the wisdom and experience that powers your business.

Your senior employees and executives have countless stories of struggle, innovation, and victory that no outside analyst or consultant could ever provide. And once it’s gone, it’s gone; leaving brands rudderless and spending countless sums trying to recapture it.

We capture the wisdom of your leaders and transform it into a tool that empowers every level of your brand.

company founder coaching younger employee

Older-generation workers comprise over 40% of the workforce, with 56% of Baby Boomers retiring in leadership positions.

Here's how we help capture your company’s historical wisdom and put it to work.

meeting with executives to begin creating an oral history recording for a business

We meet with your company’s foundational leaders

We work together to find the key wisdom-holders in your organization and begin working on the stories and experiences that chronicle their history throughout their time with your company.

meeting with company executives to record their oral histories

We plan, record, edit, and deliver your leaders’ oral histories.

We meet with your company’s seasoned leaders and other wisdom-holders to record their stories. Afterward, we edit and assemble the final versions of your oral histories and deliver them to your team.

using corporate oral histories for the benefit of the future of the business

We help you strategically deploy the histories and their lessons throughout your company.

Our brand strategists help you find where this foundational wisdom could be best applied throughout your internal and external messaging, hiring practices, and more.

Less than half of all businesses have taken any measures to prevent the loss of know-how when employees retire.
— UNC at Chapel Hill School of Business

How Your Company Benefits from Capturing Its Oral Histories

executive passing on operational knowledge to younger employees

You Stop the Brain Drain

By capturing the oral histories of the most seasoned members of your workforce and leadership, you retain their extremely valuable knowledge and reinvest it throughout your organization.

company leader mentoring a younger employee

Improved Training & Mentorship

Bolster your company’s onboarding and training materials through the lessons extracted from your oral histories, or create new and improved mentorship programs to keep that knowledge working for your brand.

historical image of a company's legacy

Preserve Your Company’s History

Keep the values and foundational virtues that guide your company intact and made into a useable tool for hiring, marketing, and building a lasting culture.

company leader talking with employees

Save Money and Organizational Headaches

By preserving the intimate knowledge your senior workforce has built up throughout years of service, you don’t waste money on expensive analysts, fruitless hires, or research firms in order to reclaim that lost wisdom.

company culture made stronger

Strengthen Your Company’s Culture

Oral histories allow your company to keep its foundational values alive for years to come, strengthening your company’s culture and attracting top talent.

Secure your organizational wisdom. Secure your brand’s future.

The knowledge your workforce has built throughout their years in service is among one of the most valuable assets you have. Let’s retain it before it’s lost forever.

Retain Valuable Knowledge

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