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Brand Strategy and Development

We use company history to tell the story and mission of your brand to customers, develop a strong company culture, and help your brand grow with purpose.

Your brand is more than your logo.

Your brand is your promise. It’s your guiding values, your history, and the story about how and why your founding vision and passion drives you to serve your customers.

We work with you to rediscover your company's legacy and communicate your story to customers who want to see their values reflected in you.

brand strategy and development

53% of consumers report that they’re able to spot “trust-washing” — when brands try to fabricate a trustworthy image, rather than build it authentically.

Here's how we work to unlock your company's history and tell your story.

finding old company history photos

We rediscover the heritage and story of your company.

We rediscover and search through all of your historical assets — documents, photos, film, and everything in between — to build a cohesive and comprehensive view of your company’s heritage.

preserving company historical assets

We preserve your assets, stories, and media to museum standards.

After discovering and assembling your historical assets, we ensure their safety and longevity by preserving the physical copies in museum-grade storage in our secure facility.

using company history strategically

We strategically use your heritage and historical assets to develop your brand presence.

Our skilled team of brand strategists and analysts help you find where your company’s heritage would be best deployed and how it would impact your performance over time.

“Don’t be a wandering generality. Be a meaningful specific.”
— Zig Ziglar

How a Cohesive Brand Strategy Rooted in Legacy Benefits Your Company

businesses that use their company history win customers

Win More Customers and Greater Brand Loyalty

Your history tells the authentic story of your brand’s values and genuine desire to serve others. By communicating your brand’s story effectively, you reach customers who see their values reflected in you and build unshakeable trust within your target markets.

businesses that use their company history attract talented hires

Attract Industry-leading Talent

Be the sought-after company that leading talent wants to work for by having a clearly-demonstrated history of treating both customers and employees well.

businesses that use their company history lead with purpose

Become a Purpose-Driven Brand

The brands customers buy from, competitors envy, and communities cherish are those which are driven by purpose and authentically live by a set of shared values.

businesses that use their company history help set up future business leaders for success

Create a Foundation for Future Leadership

By knowing your story and your foundational values and codifying it within a shared set of virtues and leadership principles, you create a bedrock of support for future company leaders to learn from and lean on during difficult times.

Consumers want value-driven brands.

Brands who focus their internal culture and customer messaging on shared values are up to 21% more profitable.

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