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We help you bring your company’s history to the forefront of the digital age and capture the attention & loyalty of customers yearning for authentic communication from brands.

Most video ad campaigns and commercials fail to grab attention.

Intrusive video ads only succeed at making customers frustrated and associating your brand with annoyance. In our era of “ad blindness,” only authenticity cuts through the noise.

Let’s use your history to cut through the noise and connect with customers.

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86% of Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials say authenticity in communication is a defining factor when choosing a brand.

Here’s how your brand's heritage impacts the effectiveness of your video ads & commercials

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Your videos and ads foster a deeper connection between you, your customers, and the community.

When your video ads and commercials highlight the years of connection between your brand and cities you serve, you show customers that you’re invested in them and the well-being of the community.

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Your video content conveys your company’s authenticity and humanity.

Your customers have heard all of the same marketing jargon and catchphrases from your competitors. But by showing them your brand’s legacy of service to them and the stories of the real people that continue to make that service possible, you create authentic connections that win attention.

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Your video campaigns stand apart from your competition.

While your competitors might try every trick in the book — from auto-playing ads to intrusive video popups — your campaign is based on real human connection and demonstrating your value to customers.

82% of Americans consider a business’s social responsibility & community impact when choosing a brand.

How legacy-rich video ads empower your marketing and overall brand messaging.

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Unified Marketing Strategy, Aligning Your Culture and Your Messaging

By making your company’s legacy an integral part of your marketing strategy across every medium, your external messaging and internal culture are in perfect alignment.

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Higher-performing PPC Campaigns

Modern customers only engage with brands that speak honestly, share the human side of their business, and demonstrate a clear connection to them and their communities. By making your legacy a centerpiece of your video ad strategy, you generate higher engagement and interest across every medium.

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Memorable Campaigns that Strike an Authentic & Nostalgic Chord

Campaigns that show the humanity of your company and the legacies of the people that make your success possible are the authentic stories that evoke nostalgia within your audiences and give your brand a uniquely authentic voice.

Create Authentic Video Ads that Delight & Convert.

Your heritage helps you create authentic messaging that conveys your culture and your longstanding care for the customers you serve, winning you attention and new customers.

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