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Leverage the undeniable authenticity of your company’s history to build a dedicated & engaged following that drives conversions, leads, and sales.

Customers don’t care about brands who act like every other company with a social profile.

People only follow brands who communicate regularly, authentically, who show the human side of their business that’s dedicated to building real relationships.

Your company’s history is the ultimate tool for showing your dedication and authentic legacy of service & customer care. Let’s put it to work.

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86% of Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials say authenticity in communication is a defining factor when choosing a brand.

Here’s how your company’s history allows you to build a dedicated following on social media.

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Your posts are uniquely authentic and drive engagement with customers.

Your history enables you to create meaningful connections with your audiences, showing them the legacy of your outstanding customer service, community leadership — building trust and inspiring brand advocates.

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Your social content inspires action and demonstrates proven expertise.

Audiences only trust the brands that have a clear track record of industry-leading expertise and a history of treating people — customers, employees, and communities alike — well. Be one of the few that consistently creates moments of trust-building connection across every social media platform.

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Your social schedule is never without robust content that tells your story.

Your social media and marketing teams no longer have to worry about what to fill out their content calendars with. Equipped with your brand’s custom digital asset library, they’re now free to tell the story and impact of your brand every day.

Potential customers are 55% more likely to buy a product or service when they understand and relate to that brand’s story.
— Headstream

By imbuing your social messaging with your company’s legacy, your organization benefits at every level.

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Higher Social Engagement

By leveraging your history and showing your enduring quality and commitment to service, you demonstrate true authenticity and begin building fruitful online relationships with customers.

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Improved Connections with the Communities You Serve

Equipped with your history of service and commitment, your brand overcomes the trust gap and makes meaningful connections with the local customers that can intimately shape how you’re perceived on social media.

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Increased Opportunities for Socially-Relevant Messaging

Customers care about the impact the brands they choose have on the local community, the country, and the world. By sharing the rich details of your company’s legacy of service and care, you show your attentiveness, empathy, and compassion for those you serve.

Build Engaged Social Followings Around Your Brand.

Devoted social communities, unified by a shared belief in a brand’s mission and authenticity, drive consistently higher engagement and conversions.

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