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Create blog articles that inform, delight, and provide your company’s targeted audiences they need and that demonstrates your brand’s legacy of service and industry expertise.

Low-quality, inauthentic content isn’t going to move your marketing needle.

Audiences expect brands to provide them with content that answers their questions while communicating in an authentic, inviting, and human tone.

Let’s use your history to make your content stand out from your competitors.

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Brands who focus their internal culture and customer messaging on shared values are up to 21% more profitable.

Here’s how your company’s history can make your content more effective at driving traffic and connecting with audiences.

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Your content consistently demonstrates your brand’s expertise.

By drawing from the stories from your company’s history and adapting the lessons learned to the problems your audiences are trying to solve, your content takes on a whole new tone: one of proven expertise and a true understanding of your customers’ needs.

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Your marketing team is equipped with a never-ending source of content ideas.

Every picture, document, or film in your company’s completed digital & physical archive has a story to tell, lessons to learn, and an endless trove of content ideas your team can use to produce informative articles that drive traffic and engagement.

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Your articles feel genuine, human, and relatable to your audiences.

Each piece of content you produce is enriched with historical imagery, video, and film that share your brand’s story while relateably paralleling the lessons you’ve learned with the problems your customers are searching for answers to today.

Companies that create consistently authentic experiences across all marketing channels enjoy higher sales & close rates.
— Headstream

By imbuing your blog content with your company’s legacy, your organization benefits at every level.

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Higher Website Traffic & Engagement

By producing higher quality content that’s both relevant to your customers’ needs and demonstrates your company’s proven history of authority & expertise, your content marketing campaigns will help drive higher traffic and engagement.

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Greater Rate of Conversions

When your brand continually meets audiences with relevant, educational, and engaging content that comes from a position of proven leadership and a historical wealth of experience, you drive higher conversion rates and create a passionate following.

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More Consistent Content Publishing

By equipping your marketing team with a consistent source of historical assets and narratives that tell engaging narratives, you empower them with the tools they need to regularly publish content that tells your story while answering your audiences’ questions.

Create content that tells your story & gets results

Success in content marketing doesn’t come easy. But with the power of your company’s heritage at your fingertips, you equip your brand to create informational and engaging content that wins attention and engagement.

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