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Executive Memoirs

We help corporate leaders create executive memoirs that bestow future generations with invaluable wisdom learned through a lifetime in business.

Modern businesses are suffering from a mentorship crisis.

Without the wisdom of former generations to guide them, or the ability to turn to a seasoned mentor for guidance, CEOs have hit their highest turnover rate (nearly 20%) in modern history.

We create executive memoirs for corporate leaders to preserve their wisdom & guiding principles for the longterm health of the company and its culture.

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84% of high-performing CEOs accredit the wisdom of past executives with helping them avoid costly mistakes they would have otherwise made.

With your executive memoirs recorded permanently, your business, employees, industry, and customers are enriched.

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We Meet with Your Leadership

We meet with your leadership and do a deep-dive into their desires for the project, how they want their story to be told, and their vision for how this memoir will impact the brand and their personal & professional legacy.

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We Assemble & Deploy the Perfect Team

Our team of brand analysts, historians, writers, filmographers work together to lay the groundwork for how your executive memoir project will meet your goals and become a lasting part of your brand’s history.

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Creation & Delivery of Your Executive Memoirs

We help you capture and deploy your leadership’s timeless wisdom, the lessons they wish to impart to future generations, and the virtues they used to lead the brand to the success it enjoys today.

A workforce unified by a strong company culture is 30% more productive on average.
— Aon Hewitt

By imbuing your social messaging with your company’s legacy, your organization benefits at every level.

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Your leaders’ legacies are permanently recorded as a part of your company’s history.

By recording and sharing the lessons, virtues, and guiding wisdom of your company’s leadership, their impact is forever etched into the foundations of your company and will inspire and unify generations of leaders to come.

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Your company culture is strengthened and carries on your virtues.

As foundational leaders fall away from companies, too often does the virtue and soul of a company follow suit. By capturing their leadership and wisdom forever as a part of your brand’s legacy, you permanently strengthen your organization and its people.

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Customers and new talent are attracted to your company’s value-driven vision & culture.

The memoirs of your company’s leaders are a beacon — to customers and talented employees alike — who are looking for brands that are guided by purpose, conviction, and a desire to virtuously serve customers.

Pave the Way for Your Company’s Future Generations

Keep your leaders’ valuable knowledge and foundational virtues close to the heart of your company and its future generations.

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