Weinkauf Petroleum Brand Redesign

Historically Respectful Rebranding

Updating a vintage brand to honor a founder’s vision.

In 2007, Weinkauf Petroleum (WPI) invested heavily in their new corporate headquarters. To compliment the move, they needed to update their 1970s-era brand. While seeing the need for change, nostalgic emotions were running high for the Weinkauf family. Having lost their father—the company’s founder—just a year earlier, it was imperative that any attempt at rebranding maintain a strong connection with his original vision for the brand’s symbolism: three W’s surrounding a cartographic icon for an oil well. Müllerhaus Legacy redesigned the brand, business materials, and facility signage in a manner that brought the company’s identity up to modern standards while also preserving elements that were fundamental to WPI family’s founding narrative.

Holistic Brand Design that Honors a Legacy

Our brand design modernized WPI’s identity while honoring its rich family and community history.

The Weinkauf Petroleum, Inc. sign design was updated by Mullerhaus Legacy

Consultation: Driving Results, Honoring History

Every history project starts with taking the time to discover the motivation behind each client’s needs. Not just the practical applications for the project, but also the underlying symbolic and often emotional needs that must be met by our solutions.

Weinkauf Petroleum's 1970s logo was updated to a more modern design that honored its legacy.

Modern & Historically-Relevant Brand Design

Rarely does a modern adaptation of a vintage brand require an “old fashion-looking” graphic solution. For the new Weinkauf brand, our designers adapted historically relevant concepts to visual standards that connect authentically with today’s market.

Weinkauf Petroleum stationary adopted the new branding and identity design performed by Mullerhaus Legacy.

Applied Identity Design

The power of branding depends on consistency. One of the challenges of adapting historical themes is consistently pairing the new with the vintage. For Weinkauf, we utilized traditional colors and textures that are familiar to the oil and gas industry.

The Results

Our partnership with Weinkauf Petroleum satisfied both the company’s practical needs for an updated brand and the family’s personal need to preserve their founder’s vision.

Weinkauf Petroleum, Inc. business card


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Hugs from Client


Years in Partnership

More than a decade after our initial engagement with Weinkauf Petroleum, they continue as dear friends and clients of Müllerhaus Legacy. We’re proud of our association with folks who fit into the “good people” category—a standard proven out by the Weinkauf’s industry leadership, community service, and philanthropic generosity.

Don’t let your brand’s history and impact be forgotten.

Brands who lose sight of their history and their founding purpose struggle to build culture and lasting industry authority.

I want my brand to be remembered.

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