Tulsa Old City Hall Centennial

Celebrating the Civic Legacy of Tulsa’s Former City Hall

The story of how love for one old building changed a city’s view of itself.

As Tulsa’s Old City Hall building approached its centennial, the current owner, Fred Dorwart Lawyers PLLC, wanted to celebrate by reacquainting the community with the building’s remarkable history. Mr. Dorwart engaged Müllerhaus Legacy to create a commemorative book that his firm could use for corporate gifting and make available to the community. In the course of researching the project, we (re)discovered a long-lost mural that had originally adorned the building’s lobby. The 17-foot canvas was a dramatic and beautifully symbolic illustration of the city’s promising future. Culminating in a pre-Christmas centennial celebration, the event included a book signing, unveiling of the restored mural, and a presentation to media, dignitaries, Tulsa citizens, and clients of the Dorwart firm.

A Comprehensive Approach to Honoring Old City Hall

Creating client value while honoring Tulsa’s community history.

While the Seat of Power book was the heart of the project, was saw the opportunity to simultaneously promote the client’s business and win them mass media attention, all while celebrating community history. Seizing upon this opportunity demanded a comprehensive solution that went far beyond the creation of a historical book.

A partial timeline of the Tulsa Old City Hall building's history

Research, Oral Histories & Archives

Key to telling the story of Old City Hall was discovering its relevant role in a community that had always taken it for granted. Our thorough background research required sifting through 100 years of civic history via newspaper and city archives, first-person interviews, and partnership with the Tulsa Historical Society.

Seat of Power book cover design and artwork

Discovery & Creative Problem Solving

As alluring as the notion of an undiscovered history may be, the question of how convert the challenge of unexpected discovery into strategic opportunities is the difference between working with family & business history specialists over ad agencies, publishers, and PR firms.

Lost mural that was recovered and restored to celebrate the centennial of the Old City Hall building in Tulsa, OK.

Event Planning, Public Speaking & Project Management

To promote both the law firm and the book, the Müllerhaus team scripted media events and created invitations, programs, keepsakes, and numerous pieces of historically relevant artwork to prepare the building for its big centennial event. Hundreds of Tulsans flocked the halls for the first time in 43 years.

The Results

A community’s reintroduction with an important piece of its history and an appreciation for the business that cares for it.

Frederic Dorwart, founder of Frederic Dorwart Lawyers PLLC, delivers a speech during the Tulsa Old City Hall building centennial.


Newspaper Pages Searched


Lost Mural Rediscovered


VIP Guests Entertained

The story of Old City Hall was about more than promoting business through a civic centennial. It was a reminder of how the community had evolved, why it had lost an appreciation for its roots, and how it regained it through the ambition and vision of progressive community leadership—a message that just happens to perfectly reflect the mission of our client.

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