If Bartlesville's Walls Could Talk

A History Revived by Passionate Citizens

How a group of dedicated Bartlesville citizens carried the flame of their town's history in their hearts to create a civic treasure.

The Bartlesville Booksters are a group of incredible citizens unlike any other. Passionate about their town and its rich history, they embarked on a quest to delve deep into the history of Bartlesville and discover its untold story.

After our meeting with the Booksters, we knew we couldn't let this project get away. The opportunity to re-discover their city's roots, and the people and places that made it a town like no other, was an incredibly rare historical and creative opportunity.

Rediscovering Bartlesville's Incredible History

A project unlike any other, we set to work diving deep into the history of Bartlesville.

A map of historic Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Historical Research & Cataloging

Traversing the lost chronicles of Bartlesville's history was a journey we'll never forget. People, places, and incredible moments dot the timescape of this Oklahoma town. Researching and cataloging each golden nugget of history was task we savored.

Signed image of Billy Parker standing next to his plane

Design & Layout

Starting from Bartlesville's earliest settlers, we chronicled every incredible moment in the town's history and provided a design that allowed readers to easily absorb all of the figures and transformative moments that make Bartlesville the pride of Oklahoma.

Imagery and history of Arthur M. Hughes of Bartlesville, Oklahoma history.

Production & Publication

From initial research to final design and publication, we ensured that the storied legacy of Bartlesville was shared effectively and with the fervent passion the Booksters instilled in us.

The Results

Working with the Bartlesville Booksters, and emboldened by the passion for their city, we achieved incredible results.

Front cover, design, and artwork for the book 'If Bartlesville's Walls Could Talk'

4.5 / 5

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Years of City History Chronicled

Delving into the history of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and sharing the journey with such a passionate, driven group of historians was an invigorating experience. Though right next door to our home in Tulsa, without the fervent dedication of the Booksters, the world may never have enjoyed this treasure trove of history.

Thank you, Bartlesville Booksters, for your ceaseless dedication and passion, and for making this project a journey we'll never forget.

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