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Enriching the lives of those around us.

Our Origin

Müllerhaus was born to be a creative company like no other. In 2003, our principal and founder, Douglas Miller, left the hectic and stressful life of a creative director at a multi-million-dollar ad agency in the hope of finding a more meaningful application for his life's work. Unlike the ephemera he'd been producing for the previous 14 years, he set out to put his love for design and storytelling to work in a way that would have lasting value. He dreamed of using his God-given gifts to do more than simply influence consumer behavior; he hoped his talents could also enrich the personal lives of those who were kind enough to trust him with their business.

With that goal in mind, Müllerhaus Publishing Arts, Inc. started as a one-man book design studio in his basement. Upon the delivery of his very first book design, Douglas knew he had made the right decision. The award-winning, international-bestselling author was moved to tears at his visual interpretation of her story. It was an accolade he had never experienced in the impersonal world of advertising—and one he still considers to be the greatest reward his work can receive.

Besides trading basement dwelling for a penthouse office suite, the last 15 years has also seen Müllerhaus adopt the "Legacy" moniker as an expression of our commitment to telling and preserving stories that communicate the enduring values for our customers. The entire staff at Müllerhaus Legacy holds true to the philosophy that the intrinsic value of what we do is defined by how it enriches the lives of those for whom we do it. This is the legacy we are building for ourselves.

"Choose a job you love, and you will
never have to work a day in your life."

— Confucius

"When I decided to do a book about my grandmother, I pictured a few hundred pages of type and some black-and-white pictures. The Müllerhaus Legacy team delivered a book that was beyond anything I imagined. Their personal concern for the project, professionalism and service exceed my highest expectations. The courtesy and care they have my grandmother made the processes enjoyable for all. After everything Gramma has experienced in her many years, it's pretty difficult to give her anything that will truly make a difference in her life. But this book really did give her something to be excited about. I think it really did make a difference."

—Jeffrey McDougall,
Grandson of Rose Mary Deegan

Our Mission

We don't want to simply sell things. At Müllerhaus, we strive to positively impact the lives of those kind enough to trust us with their business.

We believe the intrinsic value of what we do is defined by how it enriches the lives of those around us.

Our Vision

We want to help families and organizations across the globe recognize the incredible power of their heritage and its ability to reach beyond the barriers of time to bestow strength, guidance, wisdom, and provide future generations with a strong sense of purpose that is rooted in shared values and virtue.

Leadership Team

Douglas Miller


Douglas lucked out. The limited interventions available for ADHD when he was young allowed his creative oddities to bloom unencumbered. After struggling with early reading, his love for books exploded at age 13 when he fell in love with the union of Frank Frazetta's fantasy cover art with Robert E. Howard's pulp fiction adventures of Conan the Barbarian.

Today, having researched, authored, and designed award-winning books of his own, he brings that same passionate thrill of discovery to every Müllerhaus Legacy project—the firm belief that engaging storytelling wrapped with visual beauty can reach even the most distant and disconnected generation.

Laura Hyde

Creative Director

Her ambitious career started as butterfly drawings on her mother's church program but quickly accelerated to a second-place state fair ribbon for drawing when she was only eight. Laura progressed into art classes through high school and enrolled in the University of Tulsa, intending to pursue a graphic design degree.

She then got sidetracked into art education; sidetracked into printmaking; and sidetracked into art history—only to fall in love and find herself drawn back to graphic design. Not unlike her favorite novel, The History of Love by Nichole Krass, hers is a journey of restless twists that tie into beautiful endings.

Kayloni Alexander

Operations Manager

Kayloni ("kay-lawn-ee") was always the difficult one. Dubbed "Mini-Mama" at six-years-old, her focused, headstrong, and purpose-driven efforts to manage everything were not fully appreciated by her exasperated family. But the moment she entered the workforce, her drive, attention to detail, and determination bloomed into a uniquely valuable asset that benefited everyone fortunate enough to trust her with their everything.

Along with a degree in Communications from the University of Arkansas came the realization that having the moxie to ride heard on beasts ten times her size did not require a hard edge or a biting attitude. Like the adventurous ideas expressed in her favorite book, Love Does by Bob Goff, Kayloni confronts every unexpected turn with charm, passion, and genuine concern for meeting the needs of others.

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