Our Story

Müllerhaus was born to be both different and meaningful. In 2003, our principal and founder, Douglas Miller, left the hectic and stressful life of a creative director at a large advertising agency in the hope of finding a more meaningful application for his life’s work. Unlike the ephemera he’d been producing for 14 years, he set out to put his love for design and creativity to work in a way that would have lasting value. confucisHe dreamed of using his God-given gifts to do more than simply sell things; he hoped his talents could enrich the personal lives of those individuals kind enough to trust him with their business.

With that goal in mind, Müllerhaus Publishing Arts started as a one-man book design studio. Upon the delivery of his very first book cover, Footsteps by DiAnn Mills, Douglas knew he had made the right decision. The award-winning, international-bestselling author was moved to tears at his visual interpretation of her story. It was an accolade he had never experienced in the impersonal world of advertising—and one he still considers to be the greatest reward his work can receive.

Ten years later, the entire staff at Müllerhaus Legacy holds true to the philosophy that the intrinsic value of what we do is defined by how it enriches the lives of those for whom we do it. This is our Legacy.