Passion, Service & Skill.

Our books are different because of our uncommon literary and visual passion for storytelling. Blessed with a skill set uncommon for our industry, a genuine love of history and an unmatched service ethic, we will bring your story to life
in a way that is worthy of the unique value you have give in.


Consultation & Pricing

Every Müllerhaus Legacy project begins with a conversation. Our core management team will meet with you to identify your needs, expectations, time frame, available assets and—when appropriate—your projected budget. Once this general framework is established, you will be placed under the care of an account manager tasked with shepherding you through the Legacy book how-we-do-it-1process. She will be the point of contact for all of your needs.

Following our initial meeting, we will present a written proposal that explains our understanding of your goals and expectations, as well as the level of support and involvement we foresee being necessary from you. This initial written proposal will also include a recommended production schedule and our first pass at a broad estimate.

Determining an accurate budget for a Legacy book is an involved process that may require several adjustments. We’ve worked with budgets ranging from $10,000 to $250,000, with average costs ranging from $40,000 to $70,000. Similar to other custom-order endeavors like home renovations or interior design projects, our prices will vary significantly depending on your service requirements and your choices in quantity, materials and finishes.

Regardless of the budget, however, we treat every investment with equal weight. We pride ourselves on being well-organized, credible in our reporting and transparent in our processes. We especially hate surprises. So, before we ask for your signature, our account team makes certain you have an excellent grasp on the overall cost, development process, payment schedules and potential variances that could surface during production.

Asset Acquisition & Care

how-we-do-it-2Once you’ve approved our proposal, we begin collecting materials to be featured in the book. Photographs, documents, collectibles, memorabilia and any number of additional assets are at the center of what we do, so keeping them safe is of utmost importance to our team. When we assume care and custody of the needed assets, you will receive a written receipt as well as a document outlining our property care and privacy policies. Internally, we maintain a manifest that accounts for every individual item and its movement through our system. Assets will be held in limited-access, alarmed and locked storage with temperature, humidity and air-quality control.

Editorial Services

The editorial and research phase is when the development of the manuscript—the complete written content of the book with the exception of photo captions, which are added near the end of the design phase—begins in earnest. Development typically involves interviews and research, but the how-we-do-it-3actual process will be customized to fit individual variables such as schedule, geographic location, budget, personal preference and, most important, available resource material.

Project resources come to us in a seemingly endless variety of states. This has included previously written books, manuscripts in various states of completion, recorded interviews, flight logs, journals, genealogies and stacks of notes, or absolutely nothing but a desire to create something wonderful. We’re as comfortable helping you get started on a project as we are building on your existing efforts.

Following an evaluation of resources, we will recommend an author, an editor, a proofreader or a combination of the three. Unlike other custom book publishers, we do not staff one author/editor who uses his single voice to tell every customer’s unique story. We network with a community of outstanding editorial talent, enabling us to pair you with the professional who best fits your particular project.

In the entire process of developing a Legacy book, the cost and time involved in the editorial and research phase is the most difficult to accurately predict. Yet, depending on all the previously discussed factors, we generally allow for a window of four to six months to develop a full manuscript from planning to completion.

Design & Build-out

how-we-do-it-4Once the editorial process is under way, our creative staff takes you through the always-entertaining creative development phase. Looking back, most clients say this, for them, was the point at which the project truly came to life.

You will be ushered through the creative development phase by a creative staff truly unlike any other in the custom book industry. The unique beauty of a Müllerhaus Legacy book is evidenced via our designer’s flawless presentation of the content; their characteristic sensitivity for typography and design; and the quality, skill and care displayed through the manufacturing process.

Our initial creative presentation usually includes a title design and a series of interior page layouts. At this point, we also present samples of binding materials, paper selections and print-production finishing options. Though it may require a few revisions, our patience and responsiveness to your desires ensure your complete satisfaction. Regardless of the effort, we know it has to be right because the approvals you provide at this point establish the foundation for the rest of the book, giving us the information we need to finalize the printing and production budget.

Although there are often various freestanding elements within a book that can be started early, designers must wait on an approved manuscript to begin the page-by-page build-out of the interior. Depending on the length of the book and the complexity of the graphic design, the build-out generally continues for three to four months.

Production & Delivery

how-we-do-it-5Depending on the size and complexity of the order, printing, binding and delivery could take up to 90 days. We use this time to archive and return all original photos and documents, finalize shipping and receiving arrangements and, if applicable, develop any Special Projects associated with the release of the book.

If an order is large enough to require a loading dock, we can either ship them to a destination of your choosing, or we can receive and warehouse the books ourselves.

Archiving & Asset Return

The process of returning your assets is undertaken with the same care and respect that represents all aspects of the Müllerhaus Legacy brand. We check and double-check our internal manifest to ensure that every item is accounted for and packaged in an appropriate manner.

You have the option of receiving your original assets in the same condition they were received or, if you prefer, sorted, cataloged and packaged in premium acid-free, museum-quality archival products that ensure the originals will last for generations. We can also provide photo CDs with high-resolution digital copies of all images used in the project.