Henryetta’s Philosophy

“The best Mother’s Day gift is one I can share. And what a treasured gift I received this year! A family member surprised us all by taking one of the stories Mother wrote and had it made into a book we can share with the grandchildren! It’s a wonderful children’s story from a great storyteller and the book in every way looks as good as any children’s book you find in a bookstore. It even has original illustrations that are as meaningful as they are beautiful. It’s a wonderful living legacy to Mother and a gift to family and friends that will keep giving.”— Julie Bolding,
Grandaughter or Kate Galeman

Working under the pen name Kate Galeman, Katherine Storin only wrote a small handful of stories. But working under the name Grandma, she told them by the hundreds. Katherine was a hardworking farm wife and schoolteacher from Kingman County, Okla., who surrounded herself with children for nightly “story hour” whenever time allowed. Although Katherine recited more of her works than she found time to put into writing, some of her stories survived her passing in the form of unpublished manuscripts.

Deeply treasured by the family, the manuscripts stayed protected in storage, far from the hands of children. Thinking how nice it would be to continuing sharing her stories with the next generation of children, a family member decided to finally publish one of Katherine’s favorite stories in the form of an illustrated children’s book

We matched Katherine’s moving, true-story account of the life a common farm hen with Australian illustrator (and chicken expert), Jedda Robaard. With the addition of a warm editorial introduction and a colorful page design, the resulting book was delivered by complete surprise to the women of the family in celebration of Mother’s Day.

Personal Treasures

Read the Story Behind


Every family has them: those beloved creations from cherished loved ones that deserve a place of honor for this generation and preservation for the next. Genealogies and family trees, children’s stories, cookbooks, family photo albums, newspaper clippings—all those very special things that are often relegated to safekeeping in a shoebox on a closet shelf because no one is quite sure what to do with them.

Whether framed wall art, copies of a book for everyone in the family or just a single hand-bound volume for someone special, we find creative solutions that honor the creator, protect the originals and make the material accessible in a unique and beautiful way.