Lindstrom: The World War II Recollections of Dr. Carl Lindstrom

Dr. Lindstrom’s family approached us with several old photo albums and a notebook containing the crumpled remains of his memoirs. After the war, Dr. Lindstrom turned down an opportunity to be nominated as Surgeon General to become the founding chief of staff of Tulsa’s largest hospital. In the late 1960s, he dictated his wartime experiences to his secretary, hoping his experiences would be remembered. The family cherished the pages but was never quite sure what to do with them before Dr. and Mrs. Lindstrom passed. One of Dr. Lindstrom’s grandsons became aware of our services, pulled everything out of the memory trunk and helped to make his grandfather’s wish a reality.

Since the verbal recollection was recorded 25 years after the actual events, the memoirs were incomplete, out of chronological order and missing (or inaccurately stating) important details necessary to put the story in context with the larger events of history. By supplementing his memoirs with the surviving family’s memories of stories Dr. Lindstrom often told,“I have always dreamed of compiling PaPa’s memoirs so that his experiences will have the change to inspire others. Finally, my dream has come true. This collection of words, mementos, and photographs highlights a noble life of helping others and captures the values of a fading generation. I’m honored to be a part of PaPa’s heritage”— David Noland,
Grandson of Dr. Carl Lindstrom
we were able to weave his recollections through the fabric of World War II’s official history to connect his stories to many famous, courageous, infamous and tragic characters and battles.

With the story in place, the next step was combining his vast collection of photographs with images from the National Archives and other resources to compile a visually rich and intellectually compelling reflection of Dr. Lindstrom’s incredible journey. The narrative exposed stories, events, accomplishments and relationships that the family never fully understood or appreciated. In addition to serving as a formal record of the events that were so important to Dr. Lindstrom, the book paints a detailed portrait of him that the family will cherish for generations.

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There are few projects more rewarding than guiding a veteran or veteran’s family through the process of recording a service record. We relish the honor of conducting first-person interviews, when possible, but as is all too often the case with our Greatest Generation, we are limited to the memories of others and in-depth research. Regardless of your resources, however, we can paint a vivid picture of how individual service men and women fit into the larger story of history. A Müllerhaus Legacy book is an exceptionally beautiful and powerful testament fitting for the everyday heroes to whom we owe so much.