Roots from the Cherokees, Promises for Our Future

“Telling the history of Northeastern State University’s first century in photographs looked simple enough in an action plan: gather photos, organize them, compose text, send to the printer. With ample resources at hand, our challenge was to streamline the vast collection of photographs and other artifacts into a meaningful, thoughtful, 200-page volume worthy of a place on the coffee tables and bookshelves of our alumni, supporters and friends.
Enter Müllerhaus Legacy, breathing fresh air and professionalism into an otherwise daunting process. From day one until final copies were in hand, Müllerhaus and NSU worked as a team. Under the direction of Douglas Miller, his talented staff guided us each step of the way, meeting with us regularly in person or by phone to answer questions and provide valuable input. Author Jodie Nida’s extensive research of NSU’s history allowed her to offer an objective view of what makes our institution unique, liberating us from the “so close to the forest you can’t see the trees” syndrome that can weigh down an institution’s autobiography. With their help, work became an adventure, as we identified photos, artwork and artifacts, and together crafted compelling narrative that we couldn’t wait to share. The result: a stunning volume of work that captures our story with accuracy and charm, one we’ll be proud to showcase for the next 100 years.”
— Nancy Garber,
Communications Director (RET) Northeastern State University

Institutional History

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For groups that depend on the support of the public or individual members—non-profits and charities, churches and diocese, hospitals and schools, professional and political organizations, private clubs, sororities and fraternities—there is tremendous value in a compelling recitation of how and why the group came into being. Through the perspective of historical achievement, Müllerhaus Legacy books create an opportunity to re-establish founding principles, express the purpose and continuing value of your organization, honor the generosity and achievement of donors, members and volunteers, gain media attention and facilitate fundraising.