The Good Life: The Remarkable Story of an American Farm Wife

Like most people, Jeffrey McDougall grew up with regular visits to Gramma’s house. In 2007, however, he decided the obligatory once-a-year visits were no longer enough. He set up several one-on-one stays with the then 90-year-old Rose Mary and quickly discovered what a truly amazing life she had lived. In his own words, “I am simply amazed by this woman I know as Gramma, and I feel that her life deserves to be chronicled, so that future generations can be inspired by her remarkable story.”

“When I decided to do a book about my grandmother, I pictured a few hundred pages of type and some black-and-white pictures. The Müllerhaus Legacy team delivered a book that was beyond anything I imagined. Their personal concern for the project, professionalism and service exceeded my highest expectations. The courtesy and care they gave my grandmother made the processes enjoyable for all.
After everything Gramma has experienced in her many years, it’s pretty difficult to give her anything that will truly make a difference in her life. But this book really did give her something to be excited about. I think it really did make a difference.”
— Jeffrey McDougall,
Grandson of Rose Mary Deegan

Jeffrey recorded videos of Rose Mary telling stories but hoped for a more tangible record to pass on. He felt a book would be most appropriate but wasn’t sure how best to approach it. He first made contact with author John Wooley who, upon hearing the full scope of Jeffrey’s goal, felt our team was exactly what he needed.

Starting with Jeffrey’s videos as a basis for her story, we traveled to Iowa for in-person interviews and photography of Rose Mary and her community. We returned with boxes of family photos and a clear, first-hand impression of Rose Mary herself.

With all the assets in hand, we designed a beautiful and engaging book that Jeffrey proclaimed, “beyond anything I had imagined.” The project was delivered in time for a surprise Christmas mailing to the entire family—complete with custom packaging and greeting card, plus discs containing a digital library and video slideshow of long forgotten photos. The family was thrilled!

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Change and progress have always defined our character, yet never before has the current generation been so removed from its heritage. We at Müllerhaus Legacy understand that the richness of our culture did not evolve by accident but is a gift from one generation to the next—a byproduct of each generation building upon the foundations set by the previous.

Our family Legacy books strive to reconnect people lost in the sterility of technology with not just their history, but the value of it. Highlight lessons in honor, integrity, perseverance and humility, our books are well-illustrated, beautiful and appealing, and easy to read at length or at a glance. When it comes to recording history and honoring loved ones, there is no replacement for a book—you can’t pass
an iPad on to your children!